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An Introduction to Object-Based Storage

AT&T Cloud Architect Object-Based Storage offers a range of features beyond the baseline tools found in OpenStack Object Storage (code-named Swift). It's a storage solution that's first in its class. Before getting into the extras, let's talk about the architecture of AT&T Cloud Architect Object-Based Storage.

Authentication Endpoints

AT&T Cloud Architect Object-Based Storage has API endpoints on both a private network and the public internet. Private network calls can only be made from servers and computing instances purchased from AT&T Cloud Architect, or devices connected to the private network via VPN. Authentication requests should be sent to the endpoint associated with the location of your Object-Based Storage account.

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Getting Started

The AT&T Cloud Architect API is vast, encompassing everything you'd want do with your account and services. At over 1,000 methods in over 75 services it's easy to get a little lost. This guide can get you started on the right path.

Before You Start

Choosing a Protocol

AT&T Cloud Architect's API can be accessed by SOAP, XML-RPC, or RESTful means. Choose the best protocol for your preferred language and situation. We generally recommend using our SOAP interface, as it's the most comprehensive, and most easily models the API's services and data types.

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API Services
Groups of methods related to a specific backend system that can be utilized.
API Data Types
Values sent to and returned by the methods.