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AT&T Cloud Architect

Bare Metal Server

Intense performance

A Bare Metal Server from AT&T merges the intensity of high-performance computing with the near-instant provisioning and pricing advantages of the cloud. It's designed for workloads with extreme I/O demands and calculation-heavy applications. With AT&T Bare Metal Servers, you can have the benefits of cloud computing, without requiring a virtualization layer.

Instead, workloads have direct access to physical hardware resources. So, whether you need to deliver video on demand, provide vast amounts of compute power for modeling and simulation or blow through big data sets, we've got you covered. You can also have a hybrid environment of bare metal servers, virtual machine instances and dedicated servers all managed in a unified way via the online portal. So, why wait? Put your pedal to the bare metal today.

AT&T Bare Metal Servers can deliver the raw power needed for your toughest workloads.

Standard Configuration Pricing

Monthly and Hourly plans include unlimited inbound and private network bandwidth. Monthly plans include 1000GB of outbound bandwidth per month ($0.10/GB charge for additional bandwidth). Hourly plans do not include any outbound bandwidth ($0.10/GB for all outbound bandwidth).


Key Advantages

  • High-performance, single-tenant servers for complex workloads and large databases
  • Support I/O-intensive applications for engineering, scientific research, business analysis and more
  • Local disk storage for faster throughput
  • Direct access to server resources (since no hypervisor is required)
  • Consolidated management of Bare Metal and other AT&T Cloud Architect offerings via the online portal
  • Provisioning, management and scalability benefits of the cloud
  • Monthly or pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Deploy saved server images from your AT&T Cloud Architect image library to standardize and speed provisioning and deployment
Standard configurations
  • Based on 2.0 GHz or faster processors
  • Choice of Operating Systems with image library of templates
  • Local storage
  • Automated recovery options
  • 1000 GB Outbound Public Bandwidth (monthly contract only)
  • Inbound and Private Network Bandwidth
  • 1 Public IP and 1 Private IP Address
  • Customer Management Portal
  • Server and network monitoring services
  • 24/7/365 toll-free and online technical support

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