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AT&T Cloud Architect

Dedicated Servers

If you want dedicated server resources, delivered your way, then this offering is for you. Since 100 percent of server resources are dedicated to your usage, you have more flexibility to choose the technologies you need to support the specific applications, databases and websites that drive your business.

Select a standalone server for a single purpose, virtualize that server with hypervisor software, create a private cloud or split processing across a combination of easily managed dedicated servers and cloud servers. The choice is yours, the possibilities are many and the wait is minimal – just a few hours from purchase to processing.

So, if you want dedicated server performance for a predictable monthly price and a solution that grows with you from the ground up, let AT&T dedicate a server to you today.

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Get the dedicated performance you need to power your websites, workloads and databases with AT&T Cloud Architect.

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$100 - $2,000/month

Base Servers

  • S Single processor multi core
  • D Dual processor multi core
  • Q Quad processor multi core