AT&T Cloud Architect

AT&T Cloud Architect provides an automated, fast and easy way to provision, deploy and manage cloud or dedicated servers over the web in minutes or hours, not days.

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Flexibility, redefined

With four AT&T Cloud Architect offerings, you can choose the solutions you need now, switch it up later and manage an integrated mix of cloud and dedicated servers via a single web portal.

Computing at Your Fingertips

With a ready-made server environment, AT&T Cloud Architect can be a developer's dream to help:

  • Design and test apps quickly
  • Launch apps sooner
  • Reduce staff stress
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Fantasy turns reality

When developers at Fantasy Buzzer kicked off a new app for football enthusiasts, they picked AT&T Cloud Architect to be part of the game plan. Catch the play-by-play in this podcast.

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Build without Investment

Why buy your own servers? Let us build the infrastructure, so you can build the apps and:

  • Access servers on demand
  • Ease and speed deployment
  • Reduce capital costs
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Servers on alert

To build and deploy an emergency alert mobile app, developers chose AT&T Cloud Architect. Hear how on-demand computing keeps servers on alert when needed and off the clock when they're not.

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Complete Management Portal

A single management portal lets you centralize and seize control over cloud and dedicated servers to:

  • Make changes on the fly
  • Add or delete servers
  • Scale up or out
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Tool up

Take a video tour of the AT&T Cloud Architect management portal. Learn about the comprehensive set of tools that let you consolidate visibility and control over cloud and dedicated servers.

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Why AT&T

Why choose a hosting and cloud leader? Proven reliability. Enterprise-class performance. And the flexibility to combine cloud and dedicated servers into a smoothly integrated, easy-to-manage solution.
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  • Public Instance

    Public Instance

    A stepping stone into cloud, these multi-tenant environments are for:

    • General purpose web apps
    • Testing & development
    • Variable workloads
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  • Private Instance

    Private Instance

    Single-tenant cloud environments as flexible as public instances for:

    • Dedicated performance
    • Compliance requirements
    • Specific apps and workloads
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  • Bare Metal Server

    Bare Metal Server

    Single-tenant cloud environments, direct access to computing resources for:

    • High-performance computing
    • I/O-intensive apps and workloads
    • Dedicated server benefits
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  • Dedicated Server

    Dedicated Server

    High-performance computing with single-tenant servers for:

    • More control over computing resources
    • Predictable workloads
    • Demanding production environments
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