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AT&T Cloud Architect

Optional Features

Add on to add value

When you choose AT&T Cloud Architect, you can have the solid computing platforms you need, plus the flexible options you want. Here's how it works:

It's flexible, because you can configure the computing environment you need to handle your high-volume workloads and high-bandwidth connections. It's easy, because you can do it within minutes, as you place your order online or whenever you need to. And, it's complete because you can get it all – servers, support and the features you want – in one place: AT&T.

Configure flexible, easy and complete solutions quickly with optional features from AT&T.

AT&T Cloud Architect Software Options

Customized software solutions at affordable prices

Every business environment is different. That's why AT&T gives you options. When you engage with AT&T for cloud or dedicated server solutions, you can choose from a broad range of software that meets your precise business and infrastructure requirements. Our cost-effective month-to-month software payment program frees you from long-term commitments. We'll manage all the updates, too, at no extra cost to you.

So, forget "one-size-fits-all" solutions and get the software options that best fit your distinct needs – from your operating system, virtualization and database technologies to control panel software and utilities. We'll install it all at time of deployment, so you can be up and running quickly.

Operating system software

Pick the right operating system (OS) for the way your organization works. Choose from trusted providers, including Microsoft® or other options such as CentOS, Debian™, Fedora™ FreeBSD®, Ubuntu and more.

  • Choose a 32-bit or 64-bit OS
  • Avoid vendor lock-in through standards-based, open source OS options
  • Free, automated updates included through secure, vendor-supplied private update servers


Implement cost-effective scalability on your terms. This software option can deliver reliable, high-performance virtualization on your dedicated server, through your choice of solutions. Available virtualization technologies include VMware ESX, Citrix XenServer and Essentials, Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers and Microsoft® Hyper-V.

  • Multiple OS can share resources to help reduce capex
  • Increases server utilization rates and minimizes expense

Database software

To save time, we can install open source MySQL and Microsoft® SQL database software during your initial server installation. This option is available for and Windows-based servers, with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available for Windows. Microsoft® SQL offers a range of benefits to help deliver:

  • High scalability and availability for Web-serving environments
  • Lower cost of ownership, through policy-based management tools that reduce manual administration efforts
  • Advanced security features, including automated Windows Update to reduce patching downtime

Control panel software

AT&T can preload GUI-based control panel software on dedicated servers at the time of install. These intuitive control panel packages help enable those with little prior server administration experience to monitor and manage the servers effectively.

  • Point-and-click server management simplifies administration
  • Automated setup and configuration
  • Available for multiple operating systems

Utility software

Through AT&T, you can access an array of free utility software that can help you control costs and improve efficiency by streamlining many server management activities, including:

  • Patch management
  • Hardware testing
  • Recovery

Key advantages

  • Month-to-month software rental
  • Custom solution deployment in just hours
  • Maximum flexibility in software selection
  • Software pre-loaded at time of deployment
  • Comprehensive utility applications available at no or low cost

AT&T Cloud Architect Network Options

High performance options to extend your reach

High performance bandwidth for fast, reliable flow of data. Exceptional connectivity for accessibility when you need it. Enterprise-class load balancing for optimal throughput and response times. Uptime you can rely on. And the rock solid security you demand.

That's what the AT&T Cloud Architect network can deliver for your cloud or dedicated server solutions. With gigabit speeds from the server to the Internet, it can be ideal for applications such as grid, clustering and high-performance computing. We back it up with built-in redundancy and automated failover processes that help keep the data flowing across both public and private, out-of-band network architectures. Plus, you can select from a range of cost-effective options for even greater flexibility.


AT&T offers Internet bandwidth options to support connection rates that meet your server and application requirements. Public bandwidth is available either metered or unmetered, at attractive pricing for a range of needs.

  • Metered and unmetered options are available
  • Custom configurations can be delivered quickly easily

Port speed

Our standard servers come with 10 Mbps network ports for both public and private network access. For those with higher requirements, we can provide port speeds up to 10 Gbps.

IP addresses

Standard servers come with one public IP and one private IP address, which are routed to the server by default. Additional IP addresses are available, and can be either routed to the server or to a VLAN upon request.

Load balancing

Benefit from enterprise-class load balancing with near instant activation and configuration from a single comprehensive platform.

  • Balance traffic between servers or virtual instances that reside within the same data center (local load balancing), or among geographically-dispersed data centers (global load balancing)
  • Near instant activation with rapid configuration
  • Add or remove servers from the pool with little or no downtime

VPN Access

AT&T provides multiple secure connectivity options via SSL, PPTP, or IPSEC VPN gateways.

Content delivery network

Use the cloud to bring content where it's needed, meeting user expectations for performance.

  • Meet spiking demand in real-time with immediate scalability
  • Includes highly secure tools for digital rights management and content monetization
  • Improve the user experience with fast, reliable content delivery virtually anywhere your customers are
  • No long term commitment required – just pay as you go on a monthly basis

Key advantages

  • Add IP addresses, increase port speeds or adjust load balancing anytime
  • Metered and unmetered bandwidth available
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing mitigates risk and helps improve cash flow
  • Provides agility to meet spiking traffic demands

AT&T Cloud Architect Monitoring Options

Improve visibility into server operations

Get 360-degree visibility into your hosted infrastructure with enhanced monitoring services for your server environment. When you choose any of the AT&T Cloud Architect server offerings, standard monitoring, notification and response services are included, with other low-cost options. So, you can be alerted should issues arise – often even before serious problems occur.

Standard monitoring services

Additional monitoring options

To help keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy, additional monitoring options are available, including Basic, Advanced and Premium monitoring. These options for Windows or Linux and can be ordered, configured and accessed via our customer portal.

Benefit from single-pane-of-glass visibility and a variety of statistics, including graphs that track and report on current and historical usage and trends, which can help with capacity planning. Alarms report when system status or performance is outside its expected range. Should such a condition occur, the alarm can notify you through the web and our customer portal, and/or through email notifications.

Basic: Hardware and OS monitoring

Our Basic Monitoring option covers hardware and OS monitoring, which includes:

  • CPU, Disk and Memory Monitoring Agent
  • Process Monitoring Agent
  • Remote System Monitoring Agent
  • Windows Services Monitoring Agent

Advanced: System health monitoring

Our Advanced Monitoring option covers complete system health and includes all Basic features, plus:

  • DHCP Response Monitoring Agent
  • File and Directory Checking Agent
  • LDAP Response Monitoring Agent
  • Mounted File System Monitoring Agent
  • Network Time Protocol Response Monitoring Agent
  • Network Traffic Monitoring Agent
  • Performance Monitoring Agent
  • SNMP Data Monitoring Agent

Premium: Applications monitoring

Our Premium Monitoring option adds application monitoring and includes all Basic and Advanced features, plus:

  • Apache Monitoring Agent
  • DNS Response Monitoring Agent
  • Email Response Monitoring Agent
  • IIS Monitoring Agent
  • Microsoft® SQL Monitoring Agent
  • MySQL Monitoring Agent
  • Tomcat Server Monitoring Agent
  • URL Response Monitoring Agent

Key advantages

  • Choice of monitoring levels to suit your business needs
  • Improved visibility with monitoring, notification and response features
  • Helps keep performance and availability high
  • Standard monitoring included, with available low-cost options
  • Options available to monitor server hardware, OS, system health and applications
  • Integrated monitoring across AT&T Cloud Architect cloud and dedicated environments

AT&T Cloud Architect Security Options

Multi-level security for your critical data

AT&T is committed to helping you protect your critical data and infrastructure with overlapping, multi-layered security technologies. To further extend that protection, you can choose from a range of additional security options tailored to your precise business needs. For maximum uptime and responsiveness, we can help you guard against damaging data loss and theft, as well as malware, spyware and viruses. Select the security options that are right for you.

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) and assessments

Your AT&T Cloud Architect cloud or dedicated server solution comes with IDS protection for no added cost, as well as vulnerability assessment and reporting software. With our security options, you can extend this protection to include easy-to-intrusion and reporting software. This add-on option offers a dynamic stateful firewall, global reputation technologies, and customized server protection for web and database servers.

Standard hardware firewalls

Help protect individual servers with hardware firewalls that can be provisioned on demand. You'll have complete control of your protection settings through our customer portal. Hardware firewalls are available with bandwidth capacities from 10Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Dedicated hardware firewalls

Extend protection from one to all servers sharing the same VLAN. Able to be provisioned on demand without service interruptions, these dedicated firewalls can help to assure maximum uptime and are managed through our user-friendly customer portal. A High Availability option is also offered to help ensure protection, in case your primary firewall experiences a hardware failure.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection

Real-time, always-on protection for your data and infrastructure comes at no additional cost, with enterprise-class anti-virus products for both Windows- and Linux-based servers. For even greater protection, choose to add McAfee® Total Protection™, which can deliver extras, such as anti-phishing software, wireless network protection, encrypted storage and more.

VeriSign SSL certificates

VeriSign SSL certificates are used by many Fortune 500 companies, and for good reason. They're one of the world's leading SSL brands for secure e-commerce and communications, providing enhanced transaction confidence for businesses and individual consumers alike.

Key advantages

  • Add-on options to extend the value of enterprise-class security
  • Multiple, overlapping protection for hardware, network and applications
  • Industry-leading security solutions from respected vendors
  • Comprehensive user control of protection settings through our customer portal
  • Affordable pricing on third-party security offerings

AT&T Storage Options for Cloud Architect

Storage technologies for your specific business requirements

AT&T Cloud Architect storage and backup solutions can help keep your data more secure, available and easily accessible from practically anywhere. AT&T Cloud Architect dedicated servers include local disk storage as part of a standard configuration, while AT&T Cloud Architect cloud servers include standard configurations for both local and SAN-based storage.

Each server offering also has affordable additional options to extend enterprise-class storage capabilities and help you select the ideal solution for your business. These include FTP/NAS, iSCSI and SAN options, as well as automated online backup and recovery.

And, you can access your stored data virtually anytime through our easy-to-use customer portal, which can provide integrated visibility and control over combined storage technologies for a unified storage solution.

Cloud Architect Storage Appliance

If you need greater control, security and scalability, a private SAN or NAS appliance can be the answer. This solution is right for virtual servers, virtual desktops, web and application servers, video production workflows, and other applications with high volume storage requirements.

  • Provides an intuitive interface for storage management
  • Hard Disk and Solid State Drive support
  • iSCSI support for 1GbE and 10GbE Client support for Windows XP, 7, 2003 Server, 2008 Server; VMware ESX/ESXi; Windows Hyper-V; Macintosh OS X; XenServer 5.x; and Linux (all major distributions, open-iSCSI, and hardware initiators)
  • NFSv3 and NFSv4 support
  • Supports thin provisioning and over-provisioning for volume allocation

EVault backup

Protect your multi-platform infrastructure with massive scalability and end-to-end encryption for more reliable security. An easy-to-use, centralized interface makes initiating a backup or restore simple and fast. It's designed for both virtual and physical servers, and helps you meet business and regulatory requirements for data availability and recoverability.

  • Provides a Windows- or web-based GUI for managing backup and restore operations and to configure automation options
  • Set backups for regular recurrence or customized schedules
  • Select backups and restore options for complete systems, or chose specific directories or individual files
  • Available software agents enable you to store data held in Microsoft® Exchange, SQLServer, Sharepoint®, Microsoft Clusters, and Oracle® servers

iSCSI storage, replication and snapshots

Low cost doesn't have to mean settling for less. This cost-effective alternative to fiber-channel storage solutions enables you to set up, integrate and easily manage virtualized and consolidated storage, while still enjoying high performance and security.

  • Allows access to enterprise-grade Storage Area Network (SAN) storage over Ethernet
  • Simple to deploy and provision, and can be expanded on demand automatically
  • Outperforms internal disk storage
  • Allows the use of Snapshots and Replication to create copies of your stored data
  • Can be added in real-time through the customer portal to meet demand

FTP/NAS storage

Stretch your storage budget farther with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). These proven technologies are fast and reliable, and deliver excellent price/performance for data retention.

Object-based storage

Object-based storage is a virtualized, highly reliable storage platform that brings an increased level of flexibility and business continuity to your AT&T Cloud Architect environment.

  • Based on the OpenStack Swift platform
  • Archive infrequently used or infrequently changed/static data to free up capacity on more expensive storage systems
  • Maintain three copies of data across separate storage nodes within a virtual environment
  • Help protect against multiple node failures with a fault-tolerant design
  • Improve content download performance with optional content delivery network (CDN) integration
  • Manage high data growth while delivering a positive user experience
  • Remote users access object-based storage via a public network connection
  • AT&T Cloud Architect servers connect via the private network.
  • Upload, search, locate and retrieve data via an intuitive client interface, built directly into the AT&T Cloud Architect Customer Management Portal
  • Leverage scalable storage and pay-per-use pricing to help reduce costs and meet dynamic demands

Key advantages

  • Supports all major storage protocols for more cost-effective storage options
  • Outstanding connectivity and near-zero latency
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Simplified control and manageability

AT&T Cloud Architect Additional Options

Expand capabilities

Add even more value to your AT&T Cloud Architect solution with these additional options for dedicated or cloud servers – included with your purchase. They're a great way to expand and enhance your service capabilities, and getting them is easy. Simply select them when you place your order or use our customer portal to add them as you need to.

Digital transcoding

Convert your media assets into formats optimized for today's most popular delivery channels, such as high definition media streams, the web and for the vast array of mobile devices. Through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily upload your audio and video files to our private network. We'll handle the reformatting according to your direction, and quickly make the files available on your server.

Some 120 video codecs and 12 audio codecs are supported, including:

  • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
  • MP3, AIFF, MPEG audio, and AAC
  • Windows Media® 9, Adobe® Flash®, and QuickTime™

Plus, we'll provide you with easy-to-use tools for configuring and modifying your files so you can:

  • Adjust video resolution
  • Eliminate inconsistencies in color definition
  • Optimize for mobile and web
  • Define screen sizes and aspect ratios

Email delivery service

Our cloud-based delivery service provides highly reliable, massively scalable email delivery and reporting. It's ready right out of the box, and integrates seamlessly with your AT&T cloud or dedicated server environment. There is no separate charge for the first 25,000 emails per month. Additional capacity is attractively priced, and can include real-time analytics, reputation protection, open- and click-tracking, whitelisting, spam filter monitoring and much more.

Features include:

  • Cloud-based architecture that scales to manage up to 100s of millions of emails per month
  • Intuitive GUI-based administration and configuration
  • SLA-backed reliability for uptime and assurance
  • Advanced delivery protocols for optimal delivery rates with minimal bounceback

Key advantages

  • Included digital transcoding for the most in-demand video and audio formats
  • Up to 25,000 email messages per month at no extra charge (additional fee-based capacity available)
  • Both services integrate seamlessly with your AT&T Cloud Architect server environment
  • Help improve return on investment with these value-added services