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AT&T Cloud Architect

Private Instance

Performance and privacy, combined in the cloud

If you want the flexibility of a public instance, the performance of dedicated servers and the privacy
of a single-tenant environment, look no further. You can count on private instances from
AT&T Cloud Architect.

Since private cloud instances aren't shared with other users, they can help you meet the predictable performance requirements of specialized applications and workloads, as well as strict industry
and government regulations.

Now, you can have the convenience of cloud servers, pay-as-you-go or monthly pricing and peace
of mind - all in one package from AT&T. Provision your private instance today.

Meet specialized application and compliance demands with private instances from AT&T Cloud Architect.

Standard Configuration Pricing

Monthly and Hourly plans include unlimited inbound and private network bandwidth. Monthly plans include 1000GB of outbound bandwidth per month ($0.10/GB charge for additional bandwidth). Hourly plans do not include any outbound bandwidth ($0.10/GB for all outbound bandwidth).


Key Advantages

  • Performance benefits of single-tenant, dedicated resources
  • Meet computing requirements of specialized applications and workloads
  • A security-enhanced environment for compliance demands
  • Hypervisor virtualization software to support multiple operating systems on a single server
  • Full integration with other AT&T Cloud Architect offerings for seamless and unified management
  • Provisioning, management and scalability benefits of the cloud
  • Monthly or pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Deploy saved server images from your AT&T Cloud Architect image library to standardize and speed provisioning and deployment
Configuration options
  • Based on 2.0 GHz or faster processors
  • Choice of Operating Systems with image library of templates
  • Local storage
  • Automated recovery options
  • 1000 GB Outbound Public Bandwidth (monthly contract only)
  • Inbound and Private Network Bandwidth
  • 1 Public IP and 1 Private IP Address
  • Customer Management Portal
  • Server and network monitoring services
  • 24/7/365 toll-free and online technical support

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