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AT&T Cloud Architect

Public Instance

Start here, scale there

Whether you need at-the-ready cloud resources for rapid deployment, extra compute capacity for unexpected workloads or a short-term testing and development platform without a long-term investment, consider a public instance from AT&T Cloud Architect.

It can be a great starting point for gaining basic cloud benefits and a scalable springboard into other cloud server solutions that meet more specialized computing needs.

A public instance from AT&T Cloud Architect lets you turn computing capacity up when you need it and down when you don't via our online customer portal, where it's also fast and easy to reconfigure and resize cloud servers on the fly. A monthly fee or pay-as-you go pricing makes this multi-tenant cloud solution both flexible and affordable. Start your cloud servers now.

AT&T Cloud Architect provides a scalable stepping stone into the cloud.

Standard Configuration Pricing

Monthly and Hourly plans include unlimited inbound and private network bandwidth. Monthly plans include 5000GB of outbound bandwidth per month ($0.10/GB charge for additional bandwidth). Hourly plans do not include any outbound bandwidth ($0.10/GB for all outbound bandwidth).

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Key Advantages

  • An entry point into the cloud
  • Multi-tenant servers to lessen computing costs
  • Suitable for general purpose web applications
  • An instant testing and development platform
  • A flexible solution for variable workloads
  • Seamless and centralized management of cloud and dedicated servers via web portal
  • Provisioning, management and scalability benefits of the cloud
  • Monthly or pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Deploy saved server images from your AT&T Cloud Architect image library to standardize and speed provisioning and deployment
Standard Configurations
  • Based on 2.0 GHz or faster processors
  • Choice of Operating Systems with image library of templates
  • Local storage
  • Automated recovery options
  • 1000 GB Outbound Public Bandwidth (with monthly contract only)
  • Inbound and Private Network Bandwidth
  • 1 Public and 1 Private IP Address
  • Customer Management Portal
  • Server and network monitoring services
  • 24/7/365 toll-free and online technical support

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